Gathering of Heartsd

Gathering of Hearts
Romance is king!
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Five Hallmark-type romantic stories in one must-read book!"

His Unfaithful Heart
Devastated by the loss of her husband, Ellie Campbell seeks grief counseling from a local pastor. She's conflicted when she falls in love with him, a married man.

An Obsessive Heart
Time is running out as Antonio Sclafani, a mob boss's son searches for his kidnapped sister. Desperation grows more urgent when his girlfriend is also taken by the psychotic killer.

The Right Heart
Returning to his hometown after six years in the US Marines, Kyle Everett pursues his old love, but his criminal past keeps getting in the way.

Her Christmas Heart
Katherine Gatlin returns to her hometown for Christmas week. Confusion reigns as old feelings for her former boyfriend spring forth, making her question her recent engagement to her fiancé in the city.

His Fiery Heart
Abbey Moss meets a handsome inventor who wins her heart. But she is stuck in a loveless marriage that she cannot leave. A modern-day adaptation of 1 Samuel 25:1-42.

His Unfaithful Heart is soon to be a full-length movie! Please go to the movie production's website, Inspireworks Productions for the latest news!

Book 3 Terror in the Shadows