Terror in the Shadows
Book Three in "The Shadow Series"
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Book 3 Terror in the Shadows

Newlyweds; Lisa and Jason are now both attending Trinity University. A football scholarship is paying for their home and expenses. Tina, her best friend, is also attending the university and has moved in with them. Lisa has never been more happy and content.

But their few blissful months of marriage come to an abrupt end when she is told by her guardian angel that she must once again take on the role of Demon Hunter and embark on another deadly mission. Jason and Lisa are sent to Mexico, where a drug lord called La Bruja (The Witch) is spreading fear and death all over Mexico. La Bruja has unimaginable supernatural powers, too powerful for one gifted person to handle, but try she must.

The mission changes direction several times and has many has setbacks. Lisa must stop a mighty demon, the largest she has ever seen, that is enslaving thousands of natives in an undiscovered underground kingdom. Next, she must find a friend that has been overpowered by La Bruja and has gone missing. And on top of that the demon that has been controlling La Bruja like a puppet master is just one level below Lucifer, wields more supernatural power than she has ever faced. It must be stopped, but the fierce dragon-like demon, too powerful and cunning. This will prove to be the Demon Hunter's greatest challenge and may well lead to her death.

Emotions run high in this exciting Christian adventure.