More Than Just Shadows
Book Two in "The Shadow Series"
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There are More Than Just Shadows to fear.

Darkness closes in on her. The fear of being killed drives her onward through the forest. Her handcuffed hands sway to and fro, as she tries to keep her balance while running across the slippery moss-covered ground. High wet ferns catch on her jeans soaking her pant legs. Is he gone? Has he given up? She slows her pace to listen. I don't hear anything. She breathes in shallow pants glancing around for any movement, a shadow, anything to indicate that she is still being pursued. She laughs nervously. Shadows, huh? With demons around, there are more than just shadows to fear.

With her last year of high school coming to a close, all Lisa McGrath can think about is being reunited with her college boyfriend, Jason Parks. She is grateful that no demons have been seen for almost a year in their sleepy little hometown.

But all good things must come to an end. Lisa is thrust into a new widespread demon infestation. Whether she likes it or not, she finds herself back in the role of a Demon Hunter.

In clashes with the demon hoards, she faces danger and death at every turn. Adding to her struggles, her best friend has been kidnapped and sentenced to death under the orders of the boss demon. But the one thing the demons didn't count on was Lisa not playing by the rules. Dynamite in a pair of jeans, she is about to blow it wide open or die trying.

Adventure, fantasy, and romance all spun in an exciting Christian backdrop.

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