They Don't Cast Shadows. The first book in the Shadow Series!
A Young Adult Christian Fantasy/Adventure/Romance.
Currently in Post-production as a feature movion picture!!!
Inspireworks Productions

Unseen evil lurks beside you. And they don’t cast shadows.

Lisa McGrath is just an ordinary high school student until her spiritual rebirth gifts her with a supernatural gift that allows her to see the unseen spirit world. Lisa sees that demons have overrun her hometown, causing misery and death. She is told that she was given her gift to rid her small rural hometown of the demon infestation. But how can a seventeen-year-old girl stop these monsters who have lingered for thousands of years?

She meets a mysterious teenage boy with raven-black hair, tall and athletic. Aided by this boy, Lisa finds romance and danger as they fight alongside the angels to rid her hometown of the demons.

But things do not always go as planned. During the battle, Lisa is captured by a huge leathery winged demon. Destined for human sacrifice, Lisa is helpless. With no escape and death waiting for her. Time is running out. Can her friends find her in time?

Suspenseful and romantic, Lisa’s world gives a peek into the spirit realm where evil sometimes wins.

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