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        Day 115 of sheltering-in-place. When will it end???
        Still working on my third book in the Shadow series. I am on the last chapter, wrapping things up. My goal is to finish the draft this week.
        My agent says that the second book in the series is going to printing. The gallery version for me to check. Once approved it goes off into the world.
        I am so excited about my little Human Beans. They are slowly regaining the following I once had. Five years ago I had 20,000 fans, then I took my three-year hiatus. So this year I started creating them once again. I am up to 500 fans now. Not as much as there used to be but slowly gaining fans monthly.
        As of Sunday, July 12th at midnight our glorious Contra Costa County officials have band church services once again. However, protesters can still gather. So, we joked that we would tell the investigators that we are protesting against Satan this week in church if we get raided.
        God bless everyone and stay safe.
        Bob :)

        Day 108 of sheltering-in-place. When will it end???
        Our illustrious governor and CalOSHA have made it illegal to sing in church. I know that's hard to believe, but they said no singing or chanting, even with masks on! We had church service on Sunday and we all sang! Sticking it to the man.
        I am on the last chapter of the third book in my Shadow series trilogy.
        Good news! I received the cover for my second book and I approved it,. Now it goes to printing. I think the book will be available in September!
        As I related before the ranch owners where we practiced shooting invited me up to their ranch for a party on July 4th Independence Day, for shooting and blowing things up. I didn't think that it was a good idea to mix alcohol, guns, and dynamite. Well, they started a 100-acre fire when the blew up tannerite. No one was hurt.
        God bless everyone and stay safe.
        Bob :)

        Here is the approved cover:

        Day 101 of sheltering-in-place. When will it end *he sighed* Our illustrious governor has just extended the shelter-in-place indefinitely.
        I am almost finished with the second to the last chapter in my third book.
        My first book was 53,000 words, the second 79,000 words, the third is already at 73,000 words, I think it will end up around 79000 to 82,000 words. I'm having so much fun writing the novel, that my little Human Beans have taken a back seat for a few weeks.
        But, have no fear, the new Human Beans comic story will be posted on my website on Wednesday, July 1st.
        I haven't received the revised cover for my review from the publisher yet. I am waiting in anticipation to see how they redid the cover.
        I don't know how ya'll feel about guns, but my family and I went target shooting last week. We had a blast. The ranch owners where we practiced invited us up to their ranch for a party on July 4th Independence Day, for shooting and blowing things up. I do not drink alcohol, but the guys up at the ranch do. So I told them no thank you. Alcohol, guns, and dynamite didn't feel like a good safe combination.
        God bless everyone and stay safe.
        Bob :)

        Day 94 of sheltering-in-place. When will it end *he sighed*
        I received the cover of my second book for my review. Yippee and boo. I am happy with the layout and wording but the girl's face looks too old for a teenager, she looks like maybe twenty-something. With a nose ring?? That's nowhere in the story. So, I sent it back with my comments. Also, it is a longer book so they want to charge $20.95 a copy. I told them that that was too much, so at least they reduced it by a dollar. I guess $19.95 looks better?
        I am 3/4 of the way with the draft of my third book in the series. Wrapping up loose ends and dealing with a surprise threat coming.
        Love my Human beans! The Human Beans T-shirt's are now only 19.95! Get one for the Summer!
        God bless everyone and stay safe.
        Bob :)

        Day 87 of sheltering-in-place.
        I had fun doing an author interview on The Jesus Road on June 11, 2020.
        I finished drawing next month's Human Beans comic story for July 2020. It will be posted on July 1 st.
        I have been busily working on my third book in the Shadow series. I am having fun with the story, but new characters keep popping in, and they are so interesting that I want to develop them more. The story is getting flooded with too many characters. So, I think I am going to have to cull the characters or just leave them undeveloped?
        Usually, when my car is in for its regular servicing, they have a shuttle that takes me home and then picks me up when it is finished. Due to the Wuhan flu, they stopped the shuttle service. So not having a laptop or a tablet I brought a pen and paper to work on my book. Old school, but it worked. I was surprised at how much I got done.
        God bless everyone and stay safe.
        Bob :)

        Day 80 of Sheltering-in-place.
        The county leaders finally said we could begin to hold church services. But of course, there were some restrictions. 25% of capacity or 12 people whichever was lowest. So, who do they expect us to tell that they couldn't come to church? I think Satan did that to cause hurt feelings or shake up the unity of the church. We decided to just open the doors (with CDC rules of course) and let whoever wanted to come to attend. We've been operating illegally for a few services already so we just continued to serve the Lord the way He has been leading us.
        Perhaps this week I will get the cover sample of my second book for review from my publisher? I requested that the same artist who created the cover for my first book be used on the second book. He/she did a good job and I would like to keep some constancy with the series covers.
        Been working on my Human Beans comic story and on my third book in the Shadow series.
        I have the goal set for the ending of the third book.  Although, I am writing along and then a new twist exposes itself. My characters have minds of their own and come up with problems for me to figure out how to get them out of. Sometimes the answer comes to me, and sometimes I just let them figure it out for themselves. After all, they started it.
        God bless everyone and stay safe.
        Bob :)

        Day 73 of Sheltering-in-place.
        Still waiting for the cover to be created for my second book.
        The new Human Beans comic story has just been posted!!!
        We had our live in-person church meeting on Pentecost Sunday. Everything went great! It was a blessing to see each other live again. Our county has still not approved our meeting together for next Sunday. They said possibly on the 14th we can legally meet. It is so nice that the government is "allowing" us to meet. What's next, telling our pastor what he can say? Oh, wait they do that already.
        I am working on next month's Human Beans comic story and my third book in the Shadow series.
        God bless everyone and stay safe.
        Bob :)

        Day 66 of Sheltering-in-place.
        Yeah!!! We are going to start in-person church attendance on May 31st, on Pentecost, the birthday of the church. Our governor still is forbidding the California churches from holding services, however, 3000 churches are defying his order. My next post maybe from a Christian concentration camp. All glory to God.
        No writing this week. We are busy sanitizing our church and getting it ready for Sunday.
        We did get to visit with my mother in the nursing home. She had been declining because we haven't been able to see her or talk with her for two and a half months. She would look forward to all of us kids and grandkids visiting her every week. Plus we would play cards with her and laugh and joke around. Without that stimulation the Hospice nurse said that her health declined. Hopefully, now that we can once again visit her periodically she will bounce back.
        God bless everyone and stay safe.
        Bob :)

        Day 59 of Sheltering-in-place.
        My 96-year-old mother is in a nursing home. We get to visit her this Sunday. Only one at a time and in the open-air courtyard. We have to wear masks and gloves. I do hope she realizes what is happening. We (my 3 brothers and 3 sisters) haven't seen my mother since this lockdown 9 weeks ago.
        3,000 churches are now onboard to defy California Governor "Nuisance" and open on May 31st. I hope they do!! We will all take the "proper" safety precautions.
        The ongoing long wait for the publisher's art department to design the cover for my second book. Restrictions on business during this flu season had lengthened the time for everything for the company.
        My hair is growing longer. My granddaughter volunteered to cut my hair (13 years old). She said she cut my son's hair. So after checking my son's hair, I said no thanks. He had a buzz cut all around his head and long on the top. It looked like someone put a bowl on his head and shaved around it. I was wondering when I came into their house, why he was wearing a baseball cap indoors, mystery solved.
        God bless everyone and stay safe.
        Bob :)

        Day 52 of Sheltering-in-place.
        My 96-year -old mother is in a nursing home. They have two cases of the CoVid-19 reported in there. Both were health workers. They tested every one on Wednesday, still no word on the results. (Update 5/13/2020: Received the test results, there are no new cases of the virus. All tests came back negative, Praise God!)
        1,500 churches are going to defy California Governor "Nuisance" and open on May 31st. I hope they do!! We can open safely with certain precautionary rules.
        My second book is in the publisher's art department designing the cover. I am looking forward to what they come up with and how close he/she gets to my suggestion.
        I tried something different on my Human Beans comic story for May. I added a little animation. Just an experiment. I will be experimenting more in the coming months. The reaction has been positive.
        Working on my third book a little slower than my first two books. I want it to be a fantastic finale to the trilogy. I guess that's why it is taking so much time. I keep overthinking each scene.
        God bless everyone and stay safe.
        Bob :)

        Day 45 of Sheltering-in-place.
          Publisher finished setting the page design (marking chapters, text, and book layout). Next cover design.
        Nothing much happening. My Human Beans comic story popularity is going up. I am receiving good feedback. Slowly adding more subscribers. Having fun working on next month's story.
        I didn't work on my third book in the Shadow series this week, no excuses, I just didn't feel like it. I will get back to it when I get inspired to write. I am halfway through the manuscript.
        One positive thing about sheltering-in-place is that we are live streaming our church services and getting on Zoom with the church family. We are getting to know each other better as we are having longer conversations, rather than the usual hello/goodbyes at church.
          God bless everyone and stay safe.
        Bob :)

        Lol, it does seem like everyone, especially teachers and parents with kids at home are busier than ever. Prayers go out to you.
        I Didn't work on my third book in the Shadow series. I did with the help of a friend make a video for my second book. A sort of pre-teaser, I guess you would call it. The book will *fingers crossed* will come out in September. I received good comments about the video. I posted it on a writer's forum, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and on my website. Click here to see the video
        I did some work on my next Human Beans comic story. A new Human Beans will be posted on my website this Friday, May first.
        I broke the law yesterday. *bows his head in shame* I visited my son in the next county. My "wonderful" county passed a law that residence in our county couldn't travel outside of our county, except for essential business or government business. So I asked my brother, who used to be the mayor of the city I live in, about law enforcement. He said if they stop you for something else and find out you are outside of the county, then they would tack that charge on. Luckily I didn't get stopped. *whew*.
        God bless everyone and stay safe.
        Bob :)

        I was thinking about doing a Human Beans comic story about the virus and social distancing but decided against it. It seems like too many people are in a panic right now and wouldn't find it very funny. So, I guess the virus has skipped over Jelly Bean Land, or lol, the virus hasn't crossed species to jelly beans.
        I am still helping at church with the live streaming of our church services, and having a little fellowship but keeping our social distancing.
        We are using Zoom at our church for gatherings. And my brothers and sisters are using it once a week to get our families together during this time of social distancing. I still can't visit my mother (96 years old) who is in an assisted living home. We write her cards and one of the workers there reads them to her. A little solace.
        My second book "More Than Just Shadows" is at the publisher's art department where they are creating the page design.
        Worked on my WIP (Work-In-Progress) and Human Beans. Sheltering-in-place.
        I am getting a promotion video done for my second book. I am drawing the pictures and a friend is editing it all together.
        God bless everyone and stay safe.
        Bob :)

        I hope everyone had a nice Easter. Even though we had to shelter-in-place.
        I am still helping at church with the live streaming of our church services. We have a little fellowship but keeping our social distancing. Speaking of social distancing, I think my buttons are doing a little distancing on their own. I think I've gained a few pounds.
        We are using Zoom at our church for gatherings and my brothers and sisters are using it once a week to get our families together during this time of sacrifice. I am using my smartphone to participate in our Zoom visits. So I decided to buy a cheap laptop. I received the laptop from Amazon and found that it had been loaded with Windows S. With Windows S you can't download anything from the internet you have to go through Google Play. Which doesn't have Zoom. So I sent it back. Still watching Zoom on my phone.
        My second book "More Than Just Shadows" is at the publisher's art department where they are to creating the page design. When that's finished then off to the cover art which is the most fun for me.
        Worked on my WIP (Work-In-Progress) and Human Beans. Sheltering-in-place. Had to cancel my family's Disneyland trip, maybe we'll revisit it in September.
        God bless everyone and stay safe.
        Bob :)

        Sheltering in place. I am getting a lot more visits and calls (mainly texts) daily from my children and friends checking on how I am doing. I appreciate it. I am doing fine.
        I am helping at church with the audio/visual for our live streaming. On Wednesdays, there are four of us at church and on Sundays, there are seven of us. A little fellowship, but no hugging or shaking hands.
        I had my first radio interview last week. It was fun. I was interviewed from New York, and it was broadcast out of Minneapolis on 980 am.
        My second book is coming down to the wire as far as editing goes. It is now onto text design and formatting. After that the cover.
        My new Human Beans comic story was posted on my website. Based on a true incident that happened to my grandson while playing flag football. I was thinking of doing one about the Covid19 virus but decided against it. I couldn't find anything funny in what we are going through. Maybe later, about parents going crazy sheltering in place with their kids. But I don't think that would be funny at the present time.
        I pray that all of you are healthy, staying close to Jesus, and remaining calm.
        Bob :)

        Still sheltering-in-place. Getting grief from my nephews and nieces saying that I am not taking the COVID-19 seriously. I am taking it seriously, just like every other flu season. Washing my hands while singing Happy Birthday and stay at least six feet away from people who are coughing. But I do think that it is being overhyped by the media.
        Working on my WIP "Terror in the Shadows".
           The publisher's editors have finished doing their thing, on my second book, "More Than Just Shadows". Now the book is off to page design.
        My new Human Beans comic story will be posted Wednesday, April 1st.  It is based on a true funny incident that happened to my grandson while playing flag football.
        Remember folks, stay calm, and remember: "Let not your heart be troubled," John 14: 1a
        Bob :)

        I am tired of hearing 24/7 about the coronavirus (covid19)! Being an introvert I don't mind sheltering in place, but I miss seeing people walking their dogs, children playing and people in the neighborhood chatting in the streets. I also miss my church brothers and sisters. We have been broadcasting our service on Facebook Live. But it's not the same thing. I have been helping with the live broadcast by operating the sound system, which is fun.
        I received another royalty check, but this one was from the writer's conference I attended. They had set up a bookstore and invited all of us authors to set up our books there for sale. Sort of made me feel good that my fellow authors thought that my book was worth buying.
        Working on my WIP "Terror in the Shadows". I am in the meat of the book. Getting my protagonists deeper and deeper in trouble. If I have to suffer in the covid19 shelter in place, they will suffer more *muahahaha*
        I found a way to lower my Human Beans T-Shirts from $29.95 down to $19.95. Maybe sales will increase now?
        Bob :)

        I hope that everyone stays safe and healthy during this hyped-up corona-virus scare. Wash your hands, cough into your armpit, stay away from people who appear sick, and if you are sick - please stay home. This is the same advice given for every flu season. And probably good advice all year round.
        I don't know what's happening in your neck of the woods, but out here in crazy California, people are panicking and buying out grocery stores of water, toilet paper, and can goods. The shelves seem bare, like something out of The Walking Dead or an apocalyptic movie. One thing that happened to me while I was praying before I ate breakfast was it dawned on me how easily the food chain could be broken. It made my prayer more than just rote words.
        Whew, I finished updating my website. The entire website from stem to stern. It was a big job.
        I am currently working on my WIP, the third book in the Shadow trilogy. I am about in the middle, where the real meat of the story is. Exciting part!
        Bob :)

        At the Writers' Conference, I was told that my website was out of date. So I spend the whole week working on updating and streamlining my website. Please let me know how you like my new and improved website.
        Thanks in advance, Bob :)

        I went to a Christian Writers Conference (West Coast Christian Writers) this weekend. I learned a lot. One thing I learned was that no matter who publishes your book, you are responsible for marketing. I felt a little intimidated, there were authors there with 20 or more books under their belt. Another interesting thing was listening to a panel of three literary agents and the Q and A portion was an eye-opener.
        One thing my teacher (eight hours of class time) said was that my website was out of date. So one of my goals is to update it to look more like 2020 instead of 2002 when I made it.
        My second book is still being edited by the publisher. Working a little on my third book in the trilogy. And of course, working on my beloved Human Beans.
        Bob :)

        Well, it's the first of the week so it's time for another look back at the week that was.
        I worked on my third book to my Shadow trilogy. I got my little protagonist group in trouble, then got them out, now they are back in trouble. Why can't the protagonist ever get peace? Because it's no fun, until the end of the story.
        My second book is almost being finished editing by the publisher. Probably one more go around until they're satisfied. Then it's off to the cover design department.
        My new March Human Beans comic story is coming out Thursday the 27th. I usually post them on the first of every month, however, I am going to my first writer's conference on the 28th and won't be back to my computer until after the first.
        I am redoing my T-shirt prices and web page. Lower prices (not by much, but a little) probably won't be done until the middle of March. Too many things going on right now.
        Bob :)

        Oh, my! My Human Beans T-shirts are too expensive. I received that comment from several people. So I am working on getting the price lower.
        I did some writing on my third book in the trilogy. Even if I do say so myself, this is going to be the best one yet.
        A week and a half and I'll be attending the Christian Writers Conference. Looking forward to meeting other Christian writers. One thing I find strange is that out of the 300 people attending 99% are women. In the secular world, about 48% of the novelist are women. But, it seems in the Christian non-fiction world, women are the overwhelming majority. Nothing wrong with that, just an observation.
        FYI - my next Human Beans comic story will be coming out on February 27th. I usually post the new comic story the first of every month, however, because I will be away attending the writers' conference I will be posting the story earlier.
        Bob :)

        My book "They Don't Cast Shadows" is being featured on website, today.
        I am still working on my Human Beans T-shirts web page for my website. I should be finished by the end of the week. They are turning out cute.
        Going back and forth with the editing of my second book with the publisher's editor. The longest part of the process.
        Drawing a new Human Beans comic story and writing a little on my third book in the trilogy.
        Bob :)

        Posted my February Human Beans comic story on my web site.
        Worked on my Human Bean t-shirt designs. Got them mocked up. I will post pictures on my website later this week. Starting to finish up my T-Shirt web page. They are going for $29.95 which seems like a lot to me, but they are time-intensive the way they are being done.  Made in America, not China.
          I haven't done much actual writing this week on my third book. Mulling over ideas, but nothing typed down.
        My second book is still at the editors. It seems like it takes a long time, but I guess mine isn't the only book the publisher has in the works. 
        I received my quarterly report for the sales of my first book from the publisher.  172 books sold. I don't know if it is good or bad. I am just happy someone actually bought them. 
        Bob :)

        I worked on my third book in the Shadow Series, a little. not much. Rewrote a few scenes. Still getting my protagonist into more situations that seem hopeless. *he laughs* which is fun. But getting them out of trouble is the hard part. *he sighs*
        Spent a lot of time drawing designs for the Human Beans T-Shirts that may be coming out in a month or two. I want the drawing to be simple yet cute. And I still have to design a web page for the T-Shirts introduction and sales.
        Bob :)

        I checked editing that the publisher did on my second book. Found a few errors. I sent them in, now waiting for the manuscript to come back with comments.
        Not much else done, except for praying and putting together my sermon for Wednesday.
        Bob :)

        I entered a writing contest that the West Coast Christian Writers Conference is sponsoring.
        I hooked up with a gal (not that way) I met a gal that is starting a business making t-shirts designs. We might get together and make some Human Bean t-shirts. It seems like a fun way to spread the word of my little Human Beans!
        Working on my third book while my second one is being edited by the publisher. I got my characters in a pickle that I couldn't find a way to get them out. Alley suggested a brainstorming session on a thread with the Helping Hands club. I slept on it overnight and thought "brainstorming" that's a great idea. Since all of my characters have their own personalities I decide to sit down and just write a discussion between them. After two pages of their chatter. They came up with the solution themselves. Thank you, Alley, for the inspiration.
        Bob :)

        A new year! A new beginning!
        I signed up and paid for a writer's conference at the end of February. (West Coast Christian Writers Conference) I have never been to one of these conferences, but I was encouraged by my pastor's wife to attend.
        My first Human Beans comic story for my 2020 reboot has been received well. Back when I was creating it for ten years I had built up 20,000 fans. Now that I am starting over the numbers are way, way below that. The first story received 600 views. I don't know how many will become fans, but it is heartwarming that people are reading my little Human Beans.
        MY first book has sold 150 copies. Not as much as I had hoped for. But it's a start.
        The second book is still at the publishers being edited.
        Completed the outline of my third book and final book in my Shadow series
        Bob :)

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