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I just purchased a new website name for my Human Beans comics. It won't be active for a few days. I purchased this in anticipation of new Human Beans stories coming next year! The new address is: (lol, cc stands for Christian Comics!) Bob :)


I have completed three short exciting background (sort of prequels) to my new book, "They Don't Cast Shadows". Please "CLICK HERE" and scroll to the bottom of the page for links to the exciting prequels. Bob :)


I am currently writing a little short story about my books characters. Sort of a prequel, but not long, just a little glimpse into their lives. Bob :)


I have been thinking of restarting Little Jeffery and the Human Beans again.
This time instead of the funny joke type comics, I was kicking around doing a continuous adventure type story line. What do you think? Bob :)


The latest update on the saga of my book is that I finished going over the PDF file that the publisher sent me and made corrections. Now it is back with them. Maybe two weeks to resend me the final text layout. Then it is off to their art department for cover design. I have a few ideas so when it gets to the art department I will send them the sketches I drew. And see if they get any ideas from them. all of the editing and corrections. I am going to attach the sketches I drew and please let me know what you think. The book is a Christian romance/fantasy. Bob :)

Click on here to go to The New Beginnings Comic Story Click on here to go to The New Beginnings Comic Story Click on here to go to The New Beginnings Comic Story


Concerning my novel "They Don't Cast Shadows" I had a little setback. My agent said that the PDF file she sent me was "Please review your Page Design thoroughly and submit any revisions you have via the format outlined below." and "only general format or design changes can be made at this stage"

Well, I found a couple of text changes that I can't live with so she says, "Text or content changes will require your title to be placed back in the editing department. "

So, when I finish making my corrections then it has to go back to their editing department, then back to design. A couple of weeks delay. I am making final corrections carefully.

So, sadly a little setback.

Bob :)

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