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Purple heart veteran, artist, writer, cartoonist, widower, and father of five. Bob Leone lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. Bob Leone is the creator and illustrator of the comics, graphic stories, tracts and novels on this website. Bob has always two loves: Jesus and his family.

He created small comic books as a pre-teen. He has owned many motorcycles and drew a cartoon series for two years in City Bike newspaper in San Francisco, California.

After he became a Christian through the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ he began using his writing and drawing talents for his Lord and Savior.

He began this website to share his writing, drawing and telling others about the saving work of Jesus. It is his hope that you enjoy all of his works of love on this website and most of all be encouraged as a Christian, and if not a Christian that you receive the free gift of salvation from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

If you have any questions or comments please e:mail Bob:

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